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How it works

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Return to the Village can be adapted to many spaces and occasions. It’s a pop-up interactive event suitable for festivals and community/family days.


It is managed as an independent production with its own set, cast and crew and requires an area of approximately 100m2.


Return to the Village can either be run as a timed performance (45-60 minutes) or as a ‘walk up’ art installation with families free to explore and interact as they wish.


The objective of the game is to be part of a village and contribute towards its peaceful running while navigating a few obstacles along the way. The game is designed to be simple and flexible, so children have opportunities to lead the action, be creative and nurture their own sense of place.


The performance version commences with a Welcome to Country as it is integral to the piece to acknowledge we are on traditional land and pay our respect. The symbolism is particularly important given the idea is to build a mock village and this cannot be done without first acknowledging we are meeting on unceded Aboriginal land.


Families are then invited to create their own village. They must build and decorate their own shelter with the materials provided and participate in the day to day running of their new community. They are also encouraged to choose a role and contribute towards village life.


Performers double as facilitators to guide families through pre-planned storylines and challenges which offer families a chance to practice problem solving skills and teamwork.


The focus is very much on families coming together, including grandparents and friends, to create a community that is multigenerational and inclusive.


 If you'd like to book the show for your event or festival, please get in touch to discuss options.

For more information  contact Marina via
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