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Remember those days when all you wanted to do was build a cardboard cubby house or blanket fort in the middle of the lounge room?


Imagine having the chance to build your own cubby house right now, one big enough for adults too.


Now imagine a room full of people all doing the same thing. Imagine so many of them, that they become a village…


Return to the Village is a collaborative life-sized game with heart, soul and purpose. The objective of the game is to be part of a village and contribute towards its peaceful running while navigating a few obstacles along the way.


It’s an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy a nurturing yet vibrant experience where children take the creative lead in building their own village. The way the show works is that families are welcomed into the space and invited to create their own village with the materials provided.


Performers double as facilitators to guide families through pre-planned storylines and challenges which offer families a chance to practice problem solving skills and teamwork.

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